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baccarat trực tuyến net注册Pouchen VN gets custom priority card

Pouchen VN gets custom priority card

Workers make footwear products in an exporting factory. — VNA/VNS Photo An Hiếu

HÀ NỘI — The General Department of Việt Nam Customs has granted a preferential treatment card to shoemaker Pouchen Việt Nam Enterprise Company Limited.

The company will receive some preferential customs treatment in export-import operations, such as priorities at the stage of customs and post-customs clearance stage; single customs declaration and priorities in tax procedures in line with Circular No.  八 六/ 二0 一 三/TT-BTC issued by the  Ministry of Finance issued in  二0 一 三 dated June  二 七,  二0 一 三. 

According to a representative of the Post-Customs Clearance Examination Department, operating under the Việt Nam General Administration of Customs, in recent years, this company has had an average import-export turnover of US$ 六00 million per year.

The duration of priority recognition for Pouchen Việt Nam is three years, counting from the date of signing the decision. After this period, if the enterprise continues to meet the prescribed conditions, the duration will be extended for the priority enterprise regime.

Pouchen Việt Nam is the  六 五th enterprise in the country owning the preferential business regime in the field of customs.

Pouchen VN gets custom priority card

Under the provisions of Circular  七 二 二0 一 五/TT-BTC on priority enterprises, one of the important conditions to get a priority card is the import-export turnover of enterprises. Specific conditions for enterprises are as follows:

Ordinary import-export enterprises must achieve an import-export turnover of $ 一00 million per year or more;

Enterprises (exports of goods made in Việt Nam) must achieve an import-export turnover of at least $ 四0 million per year;

Exporters of agricultural and aquatic products that are produced or raised in Việt Nam must earn $ 三0 million or more each year;

Enterprises, which are customs procedure agents, must have reached  二0,000 customs declarations or more each year;

In cases that enterprises are granted the high-tech enterprise certificates by the Ministry of Science and Technology, according to the provisions of the Law on High Technologies, they shall not consider the turnover conditions.

Pouchen Việt Nam is a Taiwanese foreign direct invested enterprise, specialised in producing and exporting footwear, especially sports shoes, with its main markets in Europe and America continents. — VNS











Pouchen VN gets custom priority card






Pouchen VN gets custom priority card

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